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LLC «OOS «CERTATOM» performs works on of conformity assessment of production and quality systems at the Ukrainian and foreign enterprises by the managing office (in Kiev) and departments:

- regional offices in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Sumy, Nikopol, regular authorized representatives in Sambor (The Lviv Region), Zhovty Vody, (The Dnepropetrovsk Region), Kramatorsk (Donetsk Region), Zaporozhye;

- specialized affiliated branch in Kharkov – the Technical center of qualification and an assessment of a service life (ETC KORO).

As the conformity assessment body of production «CERTATOM» was created in 1997 on the basis of «The state center of regulation of quality of supplies and services». «OOS «CERTATOM» is accredited and registered in national System of UKRSEPRO since 1997 as certification body of production and quality systems.

In 2010 «CERTATOM» was separated as independent legal entity – limited liability company «Conformity assessment body «CERTATOM». The trademark and the «CERTATOM» trading stamp are registered in State department of intellectual property of MON of Ukraine.

Since May, 2013 «OOS «CERTATOM» is accredited in National agency on accreditation of Ukraine (NAAU) in the matter of conformity assessment of production intended for objects of the field of nuclear energy use.

CERTATOM LLC is accredited (accreditation certificate No. 8O111) at the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine as the Certification Body for Management Systems in accordance with the requirements of State Standard EN ISO / IEC 17021-1: 2015 in the field of State Standard ISO 9001:2015”

Since 2020, «CERTATOM» has been performing the functions of the Technical Secretariat for standardization in the field of hydrogen energy TC 197 "Hydrogen technologies". Since 2021, «CERTATOM» resumed the functions of the Technical Secretariat for Standardization in the Field of Nuclear Energy - TC 197 SC 2 "Nuclear Energy and Radiation Protection" (former TC 79 "Atomic Energy").

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