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Dear colleagues and partners.

The conformity assessment body "CERTATOM" welcomes You on the updated website.

During the publication of information we are guided by the main goal - to provide to economic entities the useful information on participants, requirements and conformity assessment procedures of production, on standard and legal changes in the field of technical regulation and on other events which affect the activity related to development, production and delivery of production applied on objects of the field of use of nuclear energy.

The fundamental principles of our work as the recognized and accredited in Ukraine conformity assessment body continue to remain: "safety culture" and social responsibility for results of the work in the field of use of nuclear energy, the standard principles of an conformity assessment – impartiality, competence and independence.

We hope that You will find not only useful information, but also partners for mutually beneficial cooperation on our website. On behalf of participants of the System “Register CERTATOM”, we invite You to collaboration.

Official information in the section "Register of CERTATOM" is posted on the website on the conditions defined in the General agreement of LLC “CERTATOM” with National accreditation agency of Ukraine.

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