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LLC CERTATOM carries out the conformity assessment of the equipment (thermal-mechanical, electrotechnical equipment, radiation equipment, pipeline fittings, pressurized equipment etc) manufactured by the enterprises of Ukraine for the NPP of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, India, Iran, Turkey.

Conformity assessment of the equipment is carried out in the form of acceptance and inspection procedures according to the Quality plans agreed with manufacturer. Such form of conformity assessment called inspection.

Inspection (supervision of production process) is carried out for the purpose of conformity assessment of production according to procedures which provide planning and implementation of supervision of manufacturing quality directly on production site.

The need of carrying out such assessment for the Ukrainian NPP is defined by:

- p. 7.5.6 of NP 306.1.190-2012 "General requirements to control system of activity in the field of nuclear energy use";

- p. 7.3 of NP 306.1.182-2012 "Requirements to a control system of activity of the operating organization (operator)";

- SOU NAEK 024:2012 standard "Management of purchases of production. The conformity assessment system of production which is purchased by the operating organization. General provisions".

Content and amount of works according to production compliance, carried out by LLC CERTATOM, is defined by requirements of the following sections (points) of standards of National Nuclear Energy Generating Company "Energoatom":

- p. 5.5.1, 5.5.2, 5.5.4 of SOU NAEK 024:2012 – of types of production to which requirements for conformity assessment are established;

- p. 6.33 (sp. 4), 7.4.4 SOU HAEK 024:2012 – regarding coordination of quality plans of manufacturing of the ordered production, definition and establishment of the status of control points to whom control will be carried out with participation of representatives of LLC CERTATOM. At the same time coordination of the quality plan with the Customer (NPP) is an indispensable condition;

- p. 5.2, 5.5, 5.6, section 7 of SOU NAEK 039:2013 "Management of production purchases. Product conformity assessment system. Conformity assessment of production at manufacturing phase" and p. 6.5 (p. 1,2,5), 7.4.1, 7.4.3 of SOU HAEK 024:2012 – regarding conditions, work order and registration of conformity assessment results of production.

Conformity assessment in the form of acceptance includes check of a condition of the procedures applied by manufacturer and control of production compliance (including control of observance of technological processes) to the requirements established in codes and regulations of nuclear energy use and other RD, WCD, TPD, EDD, the delivery contracts and execution of the relevant documents.

The work order according to compliance of production in the form of acceptance includes:

- consideration of WCD on production which is subject to conformity assessment;

- consideration and coordination of plans of quality for production which is subject to conformity assessment;

- conducting manufacturing readiness check of manufacturers for the manufacturing start which is subject to conformity assessment;

- participation in sampling of the materials and semi-finished products used at manufacturing of production within Customer orders;

- participation in conformity assessment of production in the form of control which is carried out in the coordinated delay points and stop points (in critical control points of technological process);

- participation in acceptance and qualification tests, acceptance tests;

- conducting acceptance inspections.

The results of conformity assessment of production in the form of acceptance are:

- the registered quality plan, which contain: registration number and date, name, designation, appointment, safety class, serial numbers (passport numbers, certificates on production) or other identification signs of production, the signature of the persons participating in monitoring procedure and dates of each control point, the conclusion about compliance (non-compliance) of production to the mandatory established requirements with the indication of designation of the normative document, the information about the persons who were carrying out the conformity assessment of production in points of a delay and survey (full name, position, organization), their personal signatures certified by stamps or the seals (in the provided cases).

- Certificate of acceptance inspection.

For the equipment for the Ukrainian NPP "The certificate of acceptance inspection" which is registered in "the Register of CERTATOM" is issued.

- Certificate of conformity.

According to the results of acceptance inspection, the certificate of conformity registered in "the Register of CERTATOM" is also issued.

The cost of conformity assessment services of serial production, spare parts and accessories is defined according to the fair market price of similar services (from 1,5% to 3,5% of production cost). As for technologically intensive equipment the cost of services is determined by standard labor costs of LLC CERTATOM, minimum necessary for performance of work.

LLC CERTATOM has permanent representatives in the following cities: Kiyv, Kharkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Sambor, Sumy, Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk, Kramatorsk and also carries out conformity assessment of production in other cities.

Additional information about conformity assessment in the form of acceptance You can receive from the qualified staff of LLC CERTATOM.

The basic rules of appeal, complaints and divergences proceeding, received by inspection body from suppliers or other parties are established by document OI МСЯ-08-15.

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