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The management systems certification body of Limited liability company "Conformity assessment body "CERTATOM" (MSCB "CERTATOM", MSCB) provides services of certification of quality management systems according to requirements of the international standard DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 in the system “Register CERTATOM”.

At implementation of activities for certification of MSCB "CERTATOM" is guided by the principles which promote trust and include: impartiality (declaration of impartiality), competence, responsibility, openness, confidentiality (declaration of confidentiality), response to complaints (procedure "appeals and general questions"), risk-oriented approach.

MSCB "CERTATOM" carries out certification of management systems on compliance to standards:

• DSTU ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system. Requirements. (ISO 9001:2015, IDT)

• SOU RSA-004:2018 "Quality management system. Additional requirements to the organizations in the supply chain of the nuclear energy use" (ISO 19443, IDT)

We draw the attention of the national manufacturers / suppliers which planning cooperation with the European Customers to features of application of the SOU RSA-004:2018 standard identical to ISO 19443, "Quality management systems -- Specific requirements for the application of ISO 9001:2015 by organizations in the supply chain of the nuclear energy sector supplying products and services important to nuclear safety (ITNS)". More detail in CERTATOM news here and here.

MSCB has experience of carrying out certification of management systems in such economy sectors:

• Mechanical engineering;

• Metallurgy and metal working;

• Chemical industry;

• Production of the electric and electronic equipment;

• Information systems development;

• Research and development;

• Rendering of services on installation, maintenance and repair of the equipment for nuclear energy use.

 It is possible to examine certification process here.

To submit the application form for certification

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